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"Wow, what amazing value I received from Michelle for the price of a three-hour Verbal Redesign! Living 100 miles away from her, a phone consultation was a good option for me. 


I have acquired some decorating sense through the years, but I wanted Michelle to confirm that my ideas for our kitchen remodel and the design of some other rooms were heading in the right direction. We met via FaceTime, and I gave her a "tour" of the rooms I wanted her to consider. She took notes as I described my likes, dislikes, and how I envisioned the spaces would look. In turn, I feverishly took notes as she immediately provided interesting, creative, and valuable feedback and suggestions. 


I believe we spent a very fast two hours on the first consultation (time flies when you're having fun!). To my surprise, Michelle texted me several times over the following days/weeks as she was out shopping, sending me pictures of items she thought might work in my home. She regularly touches base with me, asking how things are going on my end and reminding me I have some time remaining on the Verbal Redesign if I need her assistance with anything.


I told my friend who highly recommended Michelle to me that she has been worth every single penny! She is such a delight, respectful of my time and budget, and she definitely knows her stuff! I believe I got way more than what I paid for. Not only do I have confidence that my newly-decorated spaces are pleasing to the eye and comfortable dwelling places for my family, but I feel like I gained a friend as well.


Do yourself, your wallet, and your home a favor -- give Michelle a try! I promise you won't regret it."

— B. Caison

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