Reface My Space = Using what you own to redefine your home.

Reface My Space Redesign - 

$150/Hr. (Additional rate will apply if driving distance exceeds 15 miles) 

Innovative redesign and decoration of your space without any new investment.  This is for the person who might be on a tight budget or someone who loves what they already have, but isn't sure how to make it look its best.  I will help you pull together a professionally designed look, bring out your personality and show off all the items you care about.  Your space can get a fresh, updated look in just a few hours!

Reface My Space Redesign PLUS - 

$150/Hr. (Redesign) PLUS Shopping - $75/Hr. (Shop time) 

Creative redesign and decoration of your space by using your existing furnishings, PLUS I will shop for budget friendly accent pieces to complement and complete your room's new look.

  • PERK - This option enables client to benefit from Reface My Space discounts with several local  home decor retailers, numerous online vendors as well as exclusive sources only made available through design-trade accounts. 

  • This option will utilize a time sheet signed by the client to keep track of time.

  • When shopping for the client, photos can be taken of items and sent to client for pre-approval before purchasing if desired.

  • If Reface My Space makes purchases on behalf of the client, full reimbursement for items will be due upon delivery and a receipt copy will be given to the client for their records.

  • Returns will be the responsibility of the client unless agreed upon between Reface My Space and the client beforehand.


The process begins by having a complimentary 15-minute phone conversation to learn a bit about you, identifying your needs, and gaining a general understanding of your desired outcome. 


The next step is to arrange a visit to meet you in person and see your space.  Typically, the initial in-person consultation takes about an hour. The fee for the initial in-person appointment will depend on your distance from me and starts at $100/Hr.  Photographs and any necessary measurements will be taken during this consultation, in anticipation of performing a Reface My Space Redesign at a later date. PLEASE NOTE- Actual redesign / decorating recommendations will not be given during the initial in-person consult, but will be performed at the time of the Reface My Space Room Re-design, if hired.


A follow-up date will be set to redesign and "reface" your space.   Depending on the number of rooms and extent of services, additional appointments may be necessary.

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